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This is by no means suppose to come off as an excuse more so as informative. All the Mods have their styles and approach, FWIW NJ is probably the most reluctant to ban or close threads out of all of us. Being said BBF is huge some 60k plus in users, mil's in traffic and when you managing, sorting that much info sometimes you may come off a bit rough without knowing. It is nobody's intent to insult or come off harsh but when you sort through that much and the same questions get asked "How do I create ringtones?", "can I email without a data plan?", "I need a free unlocker?" "How do I sync?" etc. it can become frustrating when we do everything possible to assist users in getting their answers as quick as possible.
Originally Posted by cmhn12
its not really a complaint, more so an observation. i have found that in alot of posts ppl can become very rude in their response to questions and posts, all i am saying is that i think there should be a little bit more decorum or respect, and not be so quick with a smart comeback kinda thing. i know i would like to see it. that being said i have found the fourms sooooo helpful, but as anything great thing, theres always room for improvment, and i think the MODs should set the example, not that most of you arent already. just a humble bb users options...hope that cleared some of it up NJBlackBerry