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Todays testing further revealed both good and bad for the M3000. In an in car test at 80 mph the converstion was easy to hear on my end and the party I called could not tell I was in my car. All was going well until suddenly, the unit disconnected from the headset (I was using the 7100t) and it then automatically switched to my in car system and connected me through the cars bluetooth hands free system. Then the other party complained tha the sound quality was awful and the background and road noise made it hard to hear me. I noticed that prior to the disconnect I would periodically hear a beep. I thought maybe it was someone trying to call me and that it was call waiting but each time I checked there was no other call. Later at the office I tried again and the same thing happened. After a while the unit disconnected from the hand set and shut itself off. When I got home I checked the owners manual and it stated that a beep every 20 seconds is the low battery indicator. However, it stated that the light would flash red instead of green. It was still flashing green but giving the beep every 20 seconds and shutting itself off. I don't yet know if it is a 7100t problem or truly a low battery so I am charging the battery as I type. If it was a low battery I got far less than the advertised battery life as I probably spoke less than 40 minutes all together and had it on in paired standby less than 24 hours. RTFM: I failed to charge it sufficiently the first time it says 8 hours or over night I did it for 2 hours.

The M3000 is clearly starting to reveal itself as the best in sound quality and noise cancelling so far. I will report more as I gain more experience. I kept the prior two headsets for over two weeks so I feel my judgements on them are pretty acurate. Can anyone else share their experiences. I may also test the M3500 though I understand it has a short battery life (based on other posts).

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