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Originally Posted by ddilmanian
Mark, thanks very much for your suggestions, just a few follow up questions:
1) how much is a a Small Business Edition BES?
2) is $23 per month for one user or the whole company?
3) does hosted BES (i.e. mailstreet) allow you to view all attachments (i.e. word, excel, pdf, pictures, and videos) instantly like BWC?
4) does hosted BES give you AIM?
5) if i set up my yahoo and gmail to POP to the blackberry, do copies of incoming e-mails show up on those accounts as well or just the blackberry?
thanks again.
1) Approximately $1500 -- Please ask your BES questions in the BES Admin corner.
2) $23 per month per employee.
3) Yes. Attachments supported.
4) No, but it "enables" access to third party AIM services using the MDS feature.
5) That's a BWC question, not a BES question. BES doesn't do POP, but you can run BWC and BES simultaneously. For BWC, copies show up at Yahoo/Gmail and on the BlackBerry. For BES, copies show up at your Outlook/Exchange email box and on the BlackBerry.
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