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Originally Posted by seattlebbuser
I have been going around with RIM and Cingular on the issue of the Blackberry 8700C not keeping the proper time. The device tends to fall behind and I think it's rediculous to have to go into Settings-Options-Date/Time adn use the roller wheel to select Update time. The cheapest of Cellular phones keep better time than this $400.00 Blackberry. I have the Blackberry set to update off of the Network adn that is what I expect it to do. You would think if you turned off the antenna or powered down adn back up the device that it would update the time. Yes I know you can sync the time with the USB cable when you connect it, but what is the point of running 4.0 BES and Wireless Sync if you have to connect it to keep the time straight?

Anyone interested in testing how there device updates time and post back?
I would ask if others of you have other providers and even other device versions, that you select Update from Network and then save, then set your time ahead manually, turn off your antenna or power down and back up and see if your time corrects itself automaitally, or leave it over a day and see if your device ever corrects itself.

P.S. The RIM rep said his Rodgers device worked and that it must be a Cingular issue. The Cingular rep said I needed the latest software which I was already running and that you should have a field to update time automatically(yeah on my Nokia phone, but not on my Berry).

My 8700c does the same thing, it's frustrating as hell. I think it pertains to the particular OS you are running because I decided to try a newer version from another carrier and the device kept PERFECT time. I ended up going back to the Cingular OS because call quality sucked on the newer version, and now my clock is always wrong again.
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