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Lightbulb Screenshots of the BlackBerry Display

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while working with BlackBerry devices , sooner or later we had the need for documentation of BlackBerry applications and "How-to-..." leaflets. That was when I started to look for a tool that would create a screenshot of the BlackBerry display. My first try was BlackBerry JDE and the simulator. This works fine but creates a huge overhead and is not suitable for users. Then I found the javaloader.exe command line tool which is part of the JDE. It allows taking screenshots of the BlackBerry in bmp format. Since the handling of a command line tool is no fun especially if you have a lot of documentation to do, d_fisher, the mod of this forum, created a cool script what made handling much easier. (BlackBerry Screenshot Utility)
Independently I tried to program a small GUI wrapped relying javaloader.exe to handle the taking of screen captures more convenient.
What started as a personal gimmick is now a usable tool that I like to share with the BlackBerry community.

To use this tool you need a BlackBerry with an OS version higher than 4.02 and the BlackBerry Desktop or Device Manager installed on your PC. The BlackBerry has to be connected to the PC via USB. The file JavaLoader.exe needs to be in the same folder as my program.

The tool needs to be downloaded to a folder on your local disk drive. At first use on XP PCs a pop-up might appear the the publisher cannot be verified and if this pop-up should appear each time you start the program - you need to uncheck this.
Select a folder to store your screenshots using the [Folder] button or leave the default. A history of up to 16 folders is kept in the drop-down menu.
Enter a name for the picture file and select the graphics format and size from the drop-down menu in the "Screenshot:" fields or leave the default. (.bmp has no loss, but uses a lot of space, .png has no loss but a very good compression, .jpg has slight quality loss but creates the smallest files)
Check the "autonumber" check box if you want to take multiple pictures with the same name automatically expanded with an increasing number in square brackets. (e.g. pic[1].png, pic[2].png ...)
In the "Frame:" fields you can select a colored border to be added to your picture. A frame value of 0 means "no border".
If your BlackBerry is protected by a password you need to enter it in the "Password:" field; Otherwise turn the field of using the [on/off] button.
The "hide DOS box" checkbox should be checked to hide the DOS box which actually takes the picture using javaloader.exe. It will unhide automatically in
case of any problem.
Finally click on the [shot] button to take your picture.
Your screenshot is saved to disk with the requested file name and format and copied into the clipboard. You can now paste it into most applications using the "CTRL-V" keyboard shortcut or select "paste" from your apps menu.

Click the [Viewer] button to bring up a picture browser that shows all your screenshots. You can sort the list by name, number or timestamp. A double-click on a picture will copy it to the clipboard. Right-click on a picture to add/remove a frame or delete the file.

The little red [pin] button in the lower left corner allows you the make the tool's windows sticky on top of other windows.
The red [speaker] button toggles the use of sound effects.

Press the exclamation mark [!] button to check online for program updates.
Click the question mark [?] button to display a small help window.



Legal stuff:

The names RIM and Blackberry are registered Trademarks of Research In Motion Limited.
The program JavaLoader.exe is intellectual property of Research In Motion Limited.
US export restrictions apply for both tools!

You can use the tool free of charge in private or business environment.
It does neither collect nor submit any data from your computer.
The password you enter into the tool is never saved to disk.
The program is created from scratch using the wonderful PureBasic (PureBasic : visual basic compiler, easy & optimized basic programming language, basic, compiler) and does not contain any ad- or spy-ware.
The program comes as is and without any warranty.
Use it at your one responsibility, do not use it for any illegal action.
The author can not provide support for the program but I always like to get feedback and will listen to feature or bug fix requests.


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