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Originally Posted by packetknife
When they reply you get charged, and when you respond, at least on my VZW 8703e, it goes to their phone via SMS and not email-SMS so even a quick three or four message barrage you only save one SMS on. (Unless you choose the destination each time and add it to your address book for the most common ones.) -Pk
Interesting ... this is not at all how it works on my Bell Mobility 8703e. If I send an email to [email address] (or even to [email address]) it arrives at the destination cellphone as an SMS message with my email address as the return address. When the recipient replies the reply goes to my email address and arrives in my email inbox; it does not arrive as an SMS message.

From my end all I see is a series of short emails and from the recipient cellphone user's end all they see is a series of SMS messages. It's quite seemless when I use it.