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Default USB Driver 2.0 N/G with VPC

After doing some reading on the Virtual PC forum I found that (quoting):

Virtual PC does NOT recognize USB driver 2.0....only USB 1.1

IF your device uses USB 2.0 driver ONLY and is not backward compatible to
USB 1.1, then VPC will do one of two things:
1. It will report your device as an unknown USB device
2. It will show your device in USB settings but will not communicate with

In order to get any of these devices to work, you will need to use USB
driver 1.1 exclusively.

So, I'm guessing that the USB driver that comes with Desktop Manager for Win XP is 2.0. This would also explain why some people were able to get some USB devices to work in earlier versions of VPC running in Mac OS 9, but not in VPC 7 under OS X 10.3.

The big question remains... is there any way to install applications (or upgrade the BlackBerry software itself) on a Mac?
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