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A little update on the Tekkeon ET2000. Sound quality on both ends is very good. Not quite as good as the M3000 but very close. Much to my surprise I found that the large soft insert works better than the small one. It actually makes the unit feel more secure and less floppy. I used it in the car today and the called person could not tell I was in my car driving. That said, I don't think its noise cancelling is on par with the M3000 but it is adequate for in car use. It is far smaller and lighter so you gain some and you lose some. Biggest negative is the ear hook and the way it connects leaves something to be desired but it works and so far no real issues. It just concerns me as to how long it will last. Tekkeon claims you can wear it with out the ear hook and it is light enough that you actually can. I just worry that it will fall out and I won't notice it until it is lost. So far these two have been the best units in sound quality and the Tekkeon leads in wear comfort.

I finally figured out how to record these headsets on my computer so now I will give you the ability to listen to them. They are in .wav format for now. Later I will change to MP3 when I get some more time to play. Updated to add Bluespoon AX sound using computer and BT800 first with 7250 then with 7100t, HS850 with 7250 and 7100t. These recordings using the phone are recorded on my voice mail and then recorded from my voice mail to the computer. M3000 ET2000 AX AX-7100t AX-7250 Digital-7100t Digital-V3

The last two are without headsets so you have a basis for reference.

They were recorded at the same level and they sound different played back on Windows Media Player 10 than they do played back on the sound recorder application used to record them. They were down converted to phone quality.

This has been updated 3-26 to add the Bluespoon Digital.

For more information see barJohn Reviews It
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