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Default UPDATE!! Seidio Super Slim Crystal, Rubberized, Smoke and Pink Case vs Skin Review

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First, I apologize about the long title. I wanted to put this in the review section but figured since it's about the 8100 also, I'd post it here first.

Alrighty. So I wanted to try out the cases that Seidio offer...I received the second package today.

Here is the Pearl naked (BSE full body skin):

Here is the Pearl with Seidio's Jet Black Skin Case (silicone):

Here is the two piece Rubberized Case:

Here is the two piece Pink and Smoke Case:

As you can see, two pieces. Fits very snug. I actually like this better than the silicone skin. The two cases snap together, a snap. This goes for all the cases. Some may have been experiencing problems with the top part. I would suggest latching/snapping the top part first, followed by the bottom and then the sides. Hope that helps!

The Feel: Much better than the silicone skin and very sturdy. Looks much better than the silicone skin. Also, the Rubberized Case feels nice and smooth. I love the color of the smoke but I love the Rubberized Case better. Pink is for either my sister or girlfriend, they are contemplating about getting an 8100.

The rubberized case doesn't seem to scratch easily. Other than that, the convenience keys/volume keys are easy to access. I have had the rubberized case for about a week and it has not attracted any lint/dust at all. Looks very sleek!

Now for the Super Slim Crystal Case:

Smoke Case:

Pink Case:

*Note: Don't mind the smudge on the back, that's just the BSE full body skin coming in contact with the case.

The case snaps on much easier than the Rubberized Case and has an even better fitting. So 'fit' that I had trouble taking the back piece off! Other than that, the case is basically the same as the Rubberized Case. I prefer the rubberized over the other cases.

All four cases did not scratch the Pearl in any way.

Overall Results (out of 10):**

Rubberized Case: 9.9
Smoke Case: 9.8
Super Slim Crystal Case: 9.7
Jet Black Skin Case: 9.0
Pink Case: 9.7

**I placed the cases/skin in order of preference

Thank you Seidio for the great products. Seidio has become my #1 place for 8100 accessories. Again, Much thanks to David Chang for being courteous, prompt PM replies and freaking awesome!
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