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Do you mean crappy service by Rogers CSR (I can agree), or do you mean crappy reception? (I will disagree)

This isn't the case anymore, Southern Ontario has excellent GPRS reception now since the new deployment in November 2003.

There is excellent 850 Mhz GPRS coverage in Southern Ontario right now, provided you use an 850 MHz cellphone to take advantage of the new network Rogers deployed in November 2003 and completed over the early months of 2004.

Many places improved from 1 bar strength to 4 bars, and other places that had no reception now has 2 or so bars reception. (like 2 levels underground parking garages). This year, I got nonstop reception on a train from Ottawa-Montreal-Quebec City, and from Ontario-Toronto-Niagara Falls. So I would have to say that provided you use an 850 Mhz phone, the GPRS reception in Ontario is excellent. Sometimes I get better GPRS reception than Bell Mobility reception (however, Bell Mobility is better in other areas). Telus roms on Bell Mobility to my knowledge.

There are many shocking "Rogers reception has improved by a shocking amount" type of testimonials: Just did a search of HowardForums and came up with many ...

"...Well, being in BC with the new 850 out last year, I was blown away. Hooked..." (Former Fido!)
"...I noticed that after getting my Nokia 3595 with 850band that its working better at school in places that weren't..."
"...850 makes a big difference in residences and down near the water (I'm on Stuart St.)..."
"...850 has made a big difference at york i get reception just about everywhere now..."
"...UTM campus has superb coverage with 850! Even downstairs in the libary!..."
"...Brock is covered pretty well both in and outside...go 850!..."
"...I like the 850 mhz and called today to sign up a contract with out loosing my nice number..." (Former Bell!)
" long as your phone uses GSM850 band, you'll be a happy camper..."
"...but there are PLENTY of places in the city that Rogers has VERY good coverage now that they didn't have before and Fido still doesn't have..."
"...I just had a great situation happen to test GSM850. Was in Dominion in downtown Toronto (Gould and Church) and the parking garage is wel-below ground and completely concrete..."
"...GSM850 strikes gold again. It never ceases to amaze me..."
"...yep huge difference RIDICOLS 850 power..."
"...850 makes a difference. end of story!..."
"...Rogers V60g in my basement, rogers V300 in my basement. V60 0 bars, V300 3 bars. V60, wont send or receive calls, V300 NO PROBLEM..." (V300 works perfect because it has 850Mhz GSM)
"...any phone that has GSM850 in VX's place works amazing. no errors, no dropped calls..."

(All copy and pasted phrases, unedited. Let me know if you want me to include the links to the original posts too; it's a lot of work copying and pasting from dozens of posts.)

Many of these are former Telus, Bell Mobility, and Fido customers who are impressed (and SHOCKED) at Roger's massive reception improvement with the 850 Mhz GSM/GPRS network. For my BlackBerry 7280, it truly makes the vast majority of South Ontario behave like one gigantic WiFi hotspot. You do NEED a new phone to benefit from the Rogers improvements though.

I concur with my BlackBerry 7280 -- the new Rogers 850 network made an amazing improvement in reception compared to Roger's past reception!


Now... If you were talking about customer service, no contest -- I'll agree with you there. Rogers customer service CAN be decidedly be in the same league as doing your taxes. Rogers customer service can be a headache at times, although fortunately, I have been able to get problems fixed eventually in less than three phone calls (like a mis-registered Rogers HDTV cable box). There are occasionally exceptions like this, but you must call Customer Relations instead of Customer Service :D
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