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DSL/Cable Webserver - Run your own webserver from home on DSL or Cable!

this link shows you howto setup port forwarding on a linksys... I'm about 85% certain that is your problem.

Your ISP (at home) provides you with a single public IP address. When you connect the router/firewall to your cable modem/dsl router the firewall/router assumes the public IP - for the sake of conversation we'll call it

With the router/firewall doing NAT, your inside interface will most likely be (or,,
That being said, all of the network devices connected inside of your firewall will follow the same addressing scheme. Assuming your router/firewall is, we'll assume that your PCAnywhere desktop is (NM: GW:

If you follow the instructions in the link above to configure the proper ports to forward to, you should be golden. Of course PCAnywhere will need to be running and properly configured on the machine for it to accept a connection.

Without port forwarding on, your attempts to connect from outside your firewall are being blocked since they are reaching, but it is not passing this information to the machine sitting inside of your firewall. Port forwarding allows this communication.

If you'd like to PM me after you've made the changes with your public IP (the one assigned to the outside of your router -can be found by going here: What's My IP Address? Your IP is ) I'd be happy to run a port scan on you to see if the ports have ben opened correctly. To find your PCAnywhere machine's IP, goto: Start>Run type in 'cmd' (without quotes) and in the window that appears type in 'ipconfig' (again, no quotes)


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