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Originally Posted by rawiesen
Either you are a Cingular shill or you have had unique experiences not at all indicative of mainstream reality.

I have had Cingular and Verizon Wireless for years while I have traveled throughout the country, Verizon is far superior to Cingular. In my opinion, they are in different leagues.

Consumer Reports and every other organization that has studied coverage and reliability of cellular carriers have come to the same conclusion -- Verizon is best.
I do not work for, nor am I affiliated with, Cingular. My experience is what it is. I have never personally used the vzw service, but that's because my experience with users of the service is as stated, terrible.

Aside from great coverage, Cingular also offers: Rollover minutes and the least expensive plan I could find: 63.99 5k night/weekend from 7pm-7am and 1000 minutes of anytime. Data is $29.99 unlmtd.

I have looked regularly, and NOBODY comes close, except maybe T-mobile, to a rate like I have, but even they don't offer the rollover minutes.
You had me at EHLO!