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Originally Posted by archer6
jetspeedz, I have a question:
Since I only tried a 7290 and have not owned one, is the screen dim as I have seen a few reports about being dim?

The only reason I'm not going back to a 7290 is the lack of edge, however I'm thinking hard about that. Perhaps I could give up edge as the keyboard is so important to me. I think the 7290 is by far the best BB when it comes to the keyboard and handling email as well as having a phone.

I am going to try and wait until the 8800 is here to see if that will work for me. However that said, the intial reports that I have seen indicate that the overall width is even less than the 8700c, so the prospects of a comfortable keyboard seem rather distant, and keyshape will play a huge roll in the useability of the keyboard.

Time will tell if
A) I can be patient, not buy a 7290 and just wait
B) The 8800 does indeed have a decent useable keyboard.

archer sorry for the late reply, the screen on the 7290 is not that brigh and the quality of pictures on the screen is nothing compared to the pictures ive seen on my friends 8700, however like you said the functionality of the keyboard is the most important thing to me who replies to a lot of emails on a daily basis...

gprs is slow but ive learned to tolerate it.