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I just looked at my Service Book on my 7520, and it's popped up there too. I had checked a few days ago and it wasn't.

I also have an entry that says "Provisioning." I'll bet anything they are trying to get as many Service Books provisioned correctly before the release on the first as they can.

I imagine that the "provisioning" book has something to do with blocking the Blackberry Browser from being accessed until it's officially deployed.

It is turning interesting indeed.... Glad to see that RIM and Nextel take care of their Blackberry users.

Now, if us Nextel guys could just get our hands on ringtones like the 71xxer's.

Oh, also...

Originally Posted by BBFreak
Most carriers block the BB Browser if you don't have BES. It's crazy, they want you to pay all this extra money to access it.
It's not really crazy - it just eats up a lot more bandwidth.

That's why all of us are worrying that they're going to add a monthly charger for access to it, or hike the rates, or something...

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