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Loyal? Were you with Verizon for more than one year? Loyalty can't be defined by staying because you were under contract, considering that effectively you have no choice but to stay. Now if you had re-upped your contract multiple times, now we are getting into loyal. But it sounded like to me that you signed on for a year and then left for another company. Before that, you were apparently with a different company (US Cellular?). Doesn't sound very loyal to me, bouncing around and all.

Verizon is in this for the money just like everyone else, including the mom and pop shops. Verizon existed before you came along, and will continue to exist long after you walk away. They won't shoot themselves in the foot, I promise. When a corporation leaves pulling hundreds of phones, now that's a blow to their bank. They might listen then, but one person... come on.

Do you really think that the other carriers aren't pulling off rapings, as you put it? Heck, this isn't exclusive to wireless carriers. It's big business. Sure, mom and pop stores might have been better for the customer, but then there aren't many left, now are there? Businesses are customer/client driven. They wouldn't exist if it weren't for their customer/clients. In other words, if everyone felt the way you do, then Verizon would cease to exist. Obviously, however, not everyone does. There are clearly enough people (millions, perhaps) that are satisfied with Verizon that they are still around. And will continue to be for a long time, I'm sure.

Besides, this all boils down to you leaving Verizon before your contract was up. It's as simple as that. Had you waited three more days, I doubt that we would be reading this Thread, and I doubt that you would be arguing about how evil Verizon is.

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