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Originally Posted by dabull
allright you guys are clearly not following the line of this thread...
I think you're, also, not following the line of advice offered by some of the posters here ...

Trying to get Verizon to work according to your personal point of view is a waste of time and effort. You must work WITH the system rather than trying to convince someone to break the rules for what you feel should be an exception.

If you approach the conversation within the frame of reactivating for a short period and then canceling then of course they will not accomidate you. Why should they willingly give up revenue? If you're honest about your intentions to leave then you're already a lost customer; there's no incentive for them to make you happy.

If you were to call Verizon and tell them you've changed your mind and no longer wish to cancel I'm sure they would, very willingly, reinstate your original account, term and monthly rate. Tell them you're back, you love them and you'll never leave them and they'll treat you like they love you too ... then call up again in three days and cancel penalty free ...

(repeat the mantra ... work WITH the system ... work WITH the system ...)