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Originally Posted by dabull
i was here long before verizon
You have completely missed the point of my comments.

and 3 days on a 365 day contract is not cut and dry, sorry. wait till it happens to you, perfect one.
Actually, yes it is. Three days is a finite amount of time (hence cut and dry). Your contract specified that you be with Verizon for 365 days, but you were with them for 362 days. That is a very real, definitive, and verifiable value. Very cut and dry.

Oh, and thanks for the compliment, but I'm far from perfect. One thing I do believe in, however, is honesty and integrity. I believe in accepting my mistakes and learning from them, not pointing the finger at someone else and expecting a handout.

allright you guys are clearly not following the line of this thread. the title is not dealing directly with the current situation. im not going to even continue to try and explain it i have enough grief already
How are we not following the line of this Thread? You are ranting because you broke your contract and Verizon fined you for it. Several people have pointed out ways to possibly fix the situation, and several others, myself included, have pointed out problems with your argument. All in line with the spirit of this Thread. The problem, as I see it, is that no one is supporting you. Therefore, you suggest that we have got it all wrong, right?

Again, good luck.

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