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Today i was awaken with an email from Verizon Rep, Luis, saying they are crediting my account in the amount of $112, in this case the difference of the termination free and my last months bill that i would have recieved.

This was I was talking about when I said it wasnt cut and dry. Luis understood it. While it may be unfortunate they couldnt help me over the phone, its nice to know they read and care about their emails.

They also DO care about their lost customers. This is the business ethics I was talking about. My mind about Verizon has completely changed, I can no longer continue to ridicule and I made sure I replied saying so.

I think you all need to take a step back and stop taking life so literal by word. This is not a black and white world, and there is such a thing as being fair with good service.

Verizon is on my 'good' list again. I cannot do anything but reguard them highly now. I am very happy that i can close out this topic with a good ending, and the earth is saved. Im not targeting any specific members, but I was sad to see the sheer shrewdness of your replies (much like of the first time i called verizon). I hope you will understand that this situation was an exception

Nevertheless, praise Verizon. I will consider them again for service in the future, and i made sure i told them specifically. Thanks for the other replies too. All in all this is good reference, hopefully nobody else here has to go through this.

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