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Originally Posted by nativerhythms
I just got my blackberry 7100 and somehow within 24 hours seemed to have deleted quiet a bit of applications. The global icon, email set up, bluetooth, and i am sure more have seemed to disappear from my icons screen. I attempted to install the updated software and after that i noticed it was gone. I run the software update and says that there are no current updates. Anyone could help?

Just a thought. When you reloaded the updated software for your device, did you first download the file from a website and THEN run the executable file? One way I have people reload software is by having them download the software they need onto their desktop pc. At the same time I have people shut down Desktop Manager and not have the BB plugged in yet as I've noticed that this causes problems doing it that way. What I first do is have people run the executable file once and usually ask that they choose "Remove" so as the corrupt software is taken away. I then have them run it a second time to install it and at the end it asks "Do you want to run Desktop Manager?". I have people select that to bring up DTM, go into Application Loader, click NEXT and THEN hook up the BB.

Following that I have them make sure all applications they want installed on the device are checkmarked and go to the ADVANCED button where by I have them check mark the 3 boxes to reload the HHSW and to also select "Do Not Backup" so as NOT to back up any software problems. Doing it this way ensures that no software errors get loaded on the device to cause any re-occuring problems with it.

If it's just upgrading I make sure that the user has backed up or synced their BB PRIOR to upgrading and then follow the exact same steps as described above. This may be a little more cumbersome for some but I believe in doing a thorough job to ensure proper installation of the OS system on the device to ensure operability.

Just a tid bit of into to keep in mind when reloading HHSW. Hope this helps.

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