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I've had Verizon, Cingular and Tmobile and I always find myself back at Verizon for a multitude of reasons. Cingular "Fewest dropped calls in the bay area," BS I'm sorry when I had them and my GF has them we both dropped ALL the time in random spots but go back to that spot happen again. Verizon? Doesn't happen. Tmobile and Cingular ehhhhh if I'm going to pay for data and a fancy schmazzy phone I want it to get something done as fast as it can and EDGE wasn't cutting it for me. Don't get me wrong tmo has great pricing but thats because they biggy back for a lot of coverage if I'm not mistaken. Verizon is CONSTANTLY expanding their cell service. I mean just recently they completed a tower at this little local airport near my fire station in the mountains for a small college and handful of students. Verizon seems to get a lot of coverage WHERE ITS NEEDED as well (This coming from a Emergency worker!!) I can't tell you how many times we've been on a call and us FF's that had Verizon could make calls Cingular guys couldn't (Yes sometimes we DON'T use the radio even on a call) Back to the subject of verizon getting the 8800 a year and I'm in no rush after getting my 8703e and loving it for what it does. I got bit in the ass with the Q when I went looking for expanded use and convergence!
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