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Originally Posted by varuniw
We have set the emails to delete both from "Mailbox and Handheld" and saved the setting. We then tested this to make sure that it deletes both from the Mailbox and Handheld, but it seems that the BB goes to Delete on "Handheld". This happens on our CEO's BB and he is not very happy that he has to do everything twice (Mailbox and BB), we keep changing the settings and it works for a day or two and then changes it again.
Little question here: do you want the emails from the BB to be deleted when you delete them on the mailbox, or the other way around, orboth ways at the same time?

I know some people often asked to have both ways where I work, the answer was a simple "no". It's either "Mailbox wins" or "Handheld wins", else you're going to have a lot of synchronisation problems. We usually set it always to Mailbox wins because of obvious issues.

Now if you have synchronisation problems with mails not deleting on the BB after erasing them from the Mailbox that's another issue. I don't have direct access to our BES servers, but when we can't find the cause (after several steps mind you), we just wipe the BB, ask the user profile on the BES to be deleted and rebuild, then we activate it again.

You have to note that it also takes some time to synchronise, I did have it pretty often that users delete a mail from the mailbox and complained that it was still on their BB not 1 second after that