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Default Memory Leak - Is Google Talk the Culprit?

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I seem to recall recently upgrading to a new version of google talk (v. 1.0.21) and I think it's causing a significant memory leak on my device. What version are you running? Does anyone know where/how I can get an older version?

Here's why I think it's causing the memory leak:

I tend to check my device memory (alt-RACE; or alt-cap-H on full qwerty devices) frequently. Lately, Iíve noticed a terrible memory leak Ė the deviceís free memory will go from about 46 MB to about 39 MB over the course of the day. This has only been happening over the last few weeks, so I don't think it's the BB OS itself. Thus, I think it's one of the applications I'm running.

I have a Blackberry 7130c, on Cingular and BES, GMail through BIS
App Version; package
Theme: Dimension Today with custom wallpaper
Applications: Googletalk, Google Maps, Newsclip, RSA SecureID, QuickPlayer, Freecell, Spider Solitaire, Tetris, Klondike, BBCorrector, TheScore7100.

Immediately after a hard reset, the device has about 46 MB free memory.

Diagnosing the cause of the leak has been a problem because Iíve recently made a bunch of changes to my device, including (not in this order): (1) changing from the Vodafone today theme to the Dimension today theme, (2) upgrading google maps from 1.3.2. to 1.4.1; (3) installing Magmic Freecell (color version); (3) installing and then deleting the gmail java app; (4) installing and then deleting the google mobile application suite; (5) installing and then deleting Opera 3.0; (6) deleting Texas Hold Emí; (7) installing RSA SecureID.

When I first noticed the memory leak, I was running app version I tried downgrading to and then to, but this didnít solve the problem. I also tried going back to the Vodafone today theme, but that didnít solve the problem either.

Last night, before I went to bed, I did a hard reset, made sure that no applications were running (other than the default Phone, Browser, and Messages) and then I turned the radio off on my device. Sure enough, when I woke up this morning, there had been no memory leak. This morning Iíve been serially starting up one application at a time to see which is the culprit. Itís definitely not Google maps, QuickPlayer, or BBCorrector because I rarely use these and get the leak even when I donít start them up. Playing with the BB this morning, it seems pretty clear that Newsclip, Freecell, Klondike, and Spider Solitaire also are not causing the problem. It's not RSA SecureID, because the leak was happening before I installed that. I strongly doubt its BBCorrector.

Thus, the only applications I can think are causing the problem are TheScore7100 and Google Talk. I uninstalled TheScore7100 because I never really used it, and the problem didn't seem to away.

When I started up Googletalk this morning and had a few conversations I noticed an immediate 1.5 MB drop in the free memory. Ending the conversations and/or signing out and closing Googletalk didn't solve the problem. I did a hard reset, and have not loaded Googletalk, and the meory is staying roughly the same. I'm going to leave Googletalk all day to see what happens, but at this point, I think Googletalk is causing the problem.