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Originally Posted by paulbblc
Customer service should be able to delete the profile off the BB. Cingular and Tmo can do it, Verizon should be able to do it as well. Try calling back and getting ahold someone who knows a little more about what you are talking about.
Tmobile can only delete it with the previous account owner's verification. Even if you say you bought the phone from them and needed to change the email address attached to the BlackBerry, they will not be able to change it without the original account holder telling them to. I have this for a fact because I experienced it. I sold a 7100t to a friend of mine and she was not able to delete the email associated with that blackberry without me verifying that it was indeed okay for it to be purge from the system so a new profile will be created. If they have set up their account, and all email messages related to it including the tmo.mail, it can only be deleted by the original owner's request.