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Okay, so I installed both the desktop service and the mobile client again from new downloads. At least the mobile client launches. Auto-Configurator wouldn't work so went in to manual configure, entered my Skype details and mobile phone just as it is in Skype Call Forwarding. Skype for desktop is definitely running, but get a "Bad Connect error, connection with Skype is impossible. Make sure that IM+ for Skype ......."

I have even turned off my firewall thinking perhaps it was blocking an incoming attempt but no luck. I put the IM+ in debug mode and here is the log:

0 debug thread:5148 11/25/06 07:18:34 .\UserManager.cpp 58 Hydra::CUserManager::Start started.
1 debug thread:5148 11/25/06 07:18:34 .\UserManager.cpp 145 Hydra::CUserManager::CleanUp started.
2 debug thread:5148 11/25/06 07:18:35 .\UserManager.cpp 186 Hydra::CUserManager::CleanUp finished.
3 info thread:2008 11/25/06 07:18:35 .\Threads.cpp 101 Hydra::CListerner::ThreadFunc Main thread started. listen :5333. SSL disabled.
4 debug thread:5148 11/25/06 07:18:35 .\UserManager.cpp 104 Hydra::CUserManager::Start finished.
5 info thread:1268 11/25/06 07:18:35 .\Threads.cpp 101 Hydra::CListerner::ThreadFunc Main thread started. listen :5334. SSL enabled.
6 info thread:1268 11/25/06 07:18:35 .\Threads.cpp 219 Hydra::CListerner::InitListenerSocket Socket listen begin
7 info thread:2008 11/25/06 07:18:35 .\Threads.cpp 219 Hydra::CListerner::InitListenerSocket Socket listen begin

It looks like all is okay. Please advise where to next?

Edit 1: I reloaded IM+ and to my joy it plays nicely with IM for Skype, although I did notice it downgraded the following applications: im_common and bb_connection_manager.

Edit 2:I just went through the Application Loader again and it now removed im_common under IM+ and now we are back to the same errors. Error starting IM_2_BES:Module 'im_common' not found and Error starting im_skype:Module 'im_common' not found. there is definitely something going on here with this module and it being different versions in IM+ and IM Skype. If I look at the applications in the Application Loader I see im_common under both IM+ and IM Skype. The one under IM+ is unchecked and under details it is version 1.2.8 and the version under IM Skype is checked and under details is version 1.3.0 but if you click the modules tab there are actually no modules in there. I noticed this because the file size was 0k. Under this is im_common_utility and that has a module so I think the problem is different names or something.
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