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Just to note, the downside of open source projects and code: everyone can help fix issues, but anyone can exploit it as well. Comparing Windows virus outbreaks to those found in Unix and Linux is a bit underhanded. When the user deployments of those OS installations actually reach that of Windows (or hell, anywhere close to it, even), then you may be on to something, but I don't think we'll ever see the flip-flop in numbers anytime in the next decade or more.

Case in point on pseudo-safety and pseudo-security in a world of small user deployments and gaining popularity: Firefox. Popularity grew, attention from exploiters grew, holes were found, exploits released, world of safe browsing crashed and burned, patches released. From November 2004 to March 2005, only one fix was released. After that, Firefox was updated almost monthly (about once every 4-5 weeks is the schedule), including major jumps to 1.5 and 2.0.

Linux is still a majority server-based deployment, and while the end-user installations are rising, they are not gaining much ground on Redmond in the desktop world (although they've gained a LOT of ground in the server world, which Microsoft is still very much an infant in this field). The major propaganda machines for Linux distributions are the companies themselves, or those with financial interests with those companies (IBM, for example).

Keep in mind that the majority of Linux desktop deployments found anywhere today are in those companies that need a base desktop environment with very little functionality. Oh yeah, and some people (elderly) who are getting their first computer and don't know any different. As NJ mentioned, these are niche deployments, at best. My company is a very big supporter of Linux and Unix-based servers (as is NJ's, I'm sure), but we're very close to 100% Windows for the desktop/laptop deployments (with the exception of users like myself who have both).
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