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Default Update: Someone stole my 8100

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I got my second 8100 from tmobile yesterday. I was at the door when the ups guy came and i signed for it.

What were the differences between package #1(stolen) and package #2 (not stolen)???? the whole box was shrink wrapped.

So i can confirm that ups stole the pearl.

#1= tmobile always makes sure there packages are shrinked wrapped out, i asked them over the phone.
#2= when the first box came, on camera there was no shrink wrap.

The UPS driver, who comes to my office everyday was acting very shady. He was so nervous that he didn't even ask me to sign for the package, my recepectionist had to remind him... also she said.... "here take this box, the one you guys stole the phone out of"... he went white in the face and said he doesn't know anything about it and ran out faster then you can say ups.

This is the forth time I have had issues with ups, delivering my packages to other people, losing them. Funny thing is there distrubution center is down the block.

Especially after this case, i can no longer use ups at work..

There is my rant.. in the right place.... in the rant section... ranting about shipping of my replaced pearl!

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