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Originally Posted by LunkHead
Ok sorry for the rant but I do not understand RIM decission to BLOCK Linux / BSD out...

Linux / BSD is the future of PC's... It's free and everything (well 99%) is free and open source...

OpenOffice (is better than Office 2003), Beryl (blows M$ Vista) out the water 3d wise... GIMP smokes Photo$hop....

RIM has locked Linux and BSD (Unix) out for the most part. I don't understand how since their competition is Windoze Mobile, yet they ignore the people who dispise ever giving another red cent to Micro$oft...

I do understand that Unix and Linux require some w/o a degree in computer science to learn. But just think of the savings....

M$ Vista $399
M$ Office $299
Yearly anti-virus $40
Yearly Firewall $40
Yearly Anti-spam $40
Photoshop $599

Using Linux / BSD and not having to worry about virus, firewall, antispam = PRICELESS

Come on RIM.... Get with the open source and lets take a few bucks out of Bill Gate$ pocket....

That is all

I agree 100%. As a FreeBSD user (love your beastie) and dedicated Debian FREAK, I think this is where the future actually lies.

The trouble with Unix-based systems for most people is the lack of support, and *yes* you are forced to learn and search. It's well worth it, believe me.
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