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Originally Posted by DJJeffT

Did a search on this and came up empty.

I am pretty anal about keeping my Oulook inbox and my handheld the same. But since upgrading to 4.0, I have seen older messages dissappear. Some less than a few days old. I cannot even recreate when/how it happens.

FYI: I am using a 7230 on T-Moblie, have BES 4.0. I have messages set to keep FOREVER also.

Any ideas?

I have called our corporate tech support and they claim they do not know, but I know you guys here are so much smarter.

Ok I believe from what I know it is a issue with lack of memory on the device. So in order to gain memory the OS deletes older emails. Check out this brief article which explains this One solution is to upgrade to a 7290 which has 32Mb memory since BB don't allow external memory cards to be used. Other being to downgrade your OS to less than 4.0 which doesn't take up too much of memory.