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Default Warranty Claims with T-Mobile

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Just FYI since I have seen posts about the issue, warranty claims for the Pearl on T-Mobile are handled through T-Mobile, NOT to RIM directly.

Once the tech guy whom I called this morning accepted that we could not fix the issue [speaker stopped working], it took all of two minutes for him to set up sending me a new phone [possibly refurbished although he said they have not been out long enough to send a refurb, but I think I still might].

In response to my request he said I could NOT go to a local T-Mo store to exchange it because they are not set up for that, they only have limited stock. I bet I could have, but I did not care to press the point since I had a working phone.

He gave me two options on shipping, $15 for three business days or sooner, $9.95 for seven business days or sooner.

He then went through a canned speech that I could tell he was reading from a monitor. Main points:

I have 7 days to return the old phone,

Make sure to remove all accessories, sim and microsd cards, and other extras.

The warranty does not cover any software I installed except that bought through T-Mo, in which case they will assist in the install on the new phone, at no charge.

The warranty covers only branded T-Mo phones, identified by the T-Mobile logo on the front of the phone.

If the phone returned shows it is not a T-Mo phone, has water damage, cracked LCD, etc. I will be charged $100 [I found this a strange statement since T-Mo insurance for phone damage has a $110 deductible].

If I do NOT return the phone, my account will be charged $350 [I think that is what he said].

Bonus Tip: I know that they look at one's account history when determining how to respond to warranty claims. They also respond to one's attitude while on the phone. IMHO T-Mo has the most professional, caring customer service of any company in the U.S., but I think the service reps still look at your account history to see if you are trying to pull one over on them.

I have not made claims before and have paid on time and have never been past due on the account. Plus, have probably paid them $5k since with them [they can see that on their screen]. In other words, he could see I was a good customer.

I made a point of being friendly, respectful, but at the same time slightly firm when leading him to the conclusion that I wanted a new phone.

Bonus Tip: I have two 7100t phones that I did not try to sell on eBay. I keep them as spares in the event I ever lose a phone and need to get back on line [especially since I do not have home land lines]. I bought sim cards for $5 on eBay so that I can dial 611 and get the phone activated.

Bonus Tip: Interesting he did NOT tell me to wipe the phone or delete data. Maybe that is covered in the paperwork that comes with the new phone. There are data wiping programs for cell phones, cheap. I plan to buy one of those so to totally destroy the phone's contacts, account information and passwords... oh, and the maps to the local nude bars that have a low cover charge and no drink minimum.

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