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Originally Posted by LunkHead
My 8700 was recently replaced becasue of a track wheel issue... T-Mo charged me $100 becasue they say it had water damage.... :rolleyes:

It's in dispute and back on point,

T-Mo has always been very helpfull... Customer service has been great even with this water damage dispute and a previous issue with a battery cover...
Hmm... that seems to confirm what the rep said to me this morning, that on return of the phone if it indicates damage, that they will charge me $100.

That is odd since insuring the phone against damage, loss or theft is $6 monthly with a $110 deductible. Seems that if they find damage to the phone they would say, sorry, warranty will not cover a replacement. Seems that the insurance is only paying for loss or theft if damage is covered under warranty, with a $100 charge.

Maybe they mean light damage would still be covered [with the $100 charge], as opposed to returning a phone that has been run over by a steam roller.

I'm kinda curious what is behind this policy: that if you lie to us on a warranty claim, we see the phone is actually damaged, that we will still replace the phone, but only charge you $100. Odd, especially since most other carriers would tell you to take a hike, big time.