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Default Sprint....should be Crawl

O.K. so I am a long term Sprint user. Probably just to scared to change. Anyway the same thing happened to me. The store clerk told me the data plan was mandatory (1st month free trial) when I purchased the phone. I told her I didn't want it but she insisted that she could not take it off. I would have to call later. After about 2 days of trying to register an e-mail account at the site I called the Sprint BB support number 1-877-654-9111. They said the internet system for registering new e-mail's is frequently down in the evenings (how convenient) and that I should try the next day. So, the next day I tried every 2 hours. No joy. Finally I called 1-877-654-9111 again on the 3rd day. The tech rep told me I didn't have a data plan on my account (remember the girl at the store). So with a few click and types he said it is turned on and that I should start receiving e-mails in about 4 hours. Before I was off the phone my connection changed from 1X to 1XEV. I went home and shizzamm the e-mail registration site worked for me. Next thing you know ol' Jed's a millionaire.
Here is a quote from another post I made about Sprint's incredible BB service.
Originally Posted by russellfamily
I've been with Sprint for over 7 years. I recently had the worst experience I've ever had with them. Without going into too much detail, the lesson I learned is this: Sprint doesn't seem to know much about Black Berry. They support it but don't train their employees on it. 4 store clerks didn't know the BB could sync with a computer. 3 customer service reps didn't know how to make my data (e-mail) work. 1 customer service rep admitted to me that they all learn as they go. I'm still with Sprint because my friends are and I like unlimited sprint-to-sprint calls. Actually my wife likes it. Being in the Navy, we have friends from one side of this country to the other and we like to keep up with them. In the long run Sprint did get my data up. It just took a while.