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Thanks for posting this. Because of your account, BEFORE sending my phone back to T-Mo I took plenty of pics of the phone, inside and out. Took closeup of the water damage indicators with serial number in the pic. Also took a little video of the phone in operation, sitting next to the new phone.

Took all of two minutes, but figure it's good protection in the event something similar to your situation happens to me.

Funny thing is that because I had BSE skin and the Seidio rubberized case on the phone, once I removed the skin it looks like a new phone, not a mark on it. So much so that I have inserted a post it note inside the phone saying that the speaker does not work.

I am concerned that someone will look at it, test it out [except for the speaker] and think it should be in the "good phone for refurb" pile. Then someone will get it and suffer having to return it again.

Originally Posted by LunkHead
I don't have insurance and the 8700 was still under the 1 year warranty...

The device was never exposed to water or liquid which is why I laughed.. When I sent it back, I did tell them about a scratch on the screen and expected to get charged the 100 because of that. The rep told me today that the scratch on the screen was fine and not why I was charged.. She said the notes indicated the device had the liquid sensor activated. Other than 2 or 3 seconds from car to front door in the rain it's never been exposed to any kind of water or liquid.

I know there are other threads about this and how moisture from a humid day can trip the sensor... No biggie and I expected to be charged because the screen had a scratch on it....

More on point though... T-Mo customer service has been great even with this :rolleyes: exposure to liquid fiasco going on