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Originally Posted by DrMoze
Feel free to disagree with an IP attorney who actually deals with trademark infringement. I guarantee your uninformed opinion won't sway any court.
lol...asking a lawyer if RIM has a "case" is like asking your kid if they like candy.

you can sue anybody for just about anything in this country (i heard on the radio today someone tried to sue God for losing his job haha)...whether you win or not is a different story.

this case reminds me of the case where BMW sued Infiniti for using the letter M in their name (BMW's M-series vs. Infiniti's M35/M45). not sure how that went.

RIM is prolly just trying to differentiate their products to the market/masses and lawsuits are relatively inexpensive way to do so.

from a consumer point of view though, this is a pretty frivolous lawsuit. it makes it look like RIM is afraid of a little competition or worse RIM doesn't trust the consumer to differentiate between BlackJack and BlackBerry products.

makes me think twice about getting any RIM product (was considering 8800)...maybe i'll wait for the ePhone instead.