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Originally Posted by Peregrine
I disagree with the ip attorney. RIM doesn't stand a chance and needs to back off.
Blackjack is a card game or a weapon. Blackberry is a fruit.
What's next? RIM going to patent any device that starts with the word BLACK*...

There is no similarity.
And if anyone confuese the word BLACKBERRY with BLACKJACK then they must have been living in a cave for the past several years. BLACKBERRY is such a well known term...
actully that instance could win it for them

I'm reminded of a lawsuit of a few years back between wizards of the coast (which is a subsidiary of hasbro) versus Konomi. The lawsuit wotc filed basicly statate the the notorious ccg produce by konami Yugoh. Used a card type in the gam Called MAGIC cards. The was als an expansion called MAGIC ruler.
Wotcs prmary prduct is the oldest and longest running ccg called MAGIC the gathering.
Wotc the plantiff won the case

As a rusult konami was forced to stop using the term Magic card an was forced to use the term "spell card" and the set was to from that point on Magic ruler was to be refeerd to as Spell ruler.

Point is Blackberry black jack

The same thing is about to happpen