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Originally Posted by Zro
I've heard of other people having problems in Jamaica also. But if you can't even get a gprs (lower case) I doubt it's something with the RIM code. If you want to test, you can use Application Loader to reload the software either while down in Jamaica or just before you go. If you still have problems, then it's not the handheld software.

If you go into the status screen, what does it say for signal strength?

Well the problem is that TMO has a data only roaming agreement with C&W and a voice agreement with Digicel (the other local carrier). Whenever the there is no GPRS signal the unit goes to the Digicel provider. I can only do voice then with Digicel GSM signal because C&W is the only Data roaming provider in the caribbean. . The BB always attempts to get the GPRS signal w/C&W. Since there is no voice roaming agreement with C&W then it wouldn't go to gprs, it goes to Digicel GSM.

I can only get a signal strength for Digicel which is full bars but can't test the C&W signal since the unit is probably getting back a reject code from CW when the device tries to authenticate. RIM asked for my PIN today so I hope they can provision something from their end and I'm waiting to hear back from TMO also. I'm thinking maybe my PIN got deleted or something off TMO's roaming list and that's why i'm getting rejected off the system.