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Originally Posted by DallasFlier
I'd be willing to wager that if you polled a large group of people at random, that probably not more than 1 in 100 of them would associate "BlackJack" with "BlackBerry". The people polled would separate primarily into two groups - those who would have NO idea what either name was referring to, and those familiar with BlackBerry - and the huge majority of THOSE would know that RIM has never had anything called or labelled "BlackJack." The fact that a very FEW *dumb* consumers would mistakenly associate the two (this includes the single *dumb* online reseller) shouldn't be enough to force Samsung to quit using the name. And taking the same poll I mentioned earlier I'm sure you could also find, for instance, a few *dumb* consumers out there who would claim that *any* QWERTY phone/PDA that's black is a "BlackBerry", so does that mean that based on our legal system no other company should be allowed to build and sell a black QWERTY PDA/phone device? Should RIM be allowed to take legal ownership of anything and everything "black" associated with phones or PDA's? Hardly, I think!
I think it is a combination of a 2 things.

First, the name, yes, the name "Black" is the main issue. Why didn't Samsung call it "Yellow, Red, Green, or Blue" Jack? Huh? Is it because the color is Black? Probably, but how many BlackBerries are Black? Or are they Berry colored? And, how many times do companies change the color of the phone to increase sales by different marketing strategies.

For example: Look at Apple. They made the iPod, then the made the iPod in LOTS of different colors, because that increased the popularity depending upon what each person likes. It's a HUGE marketing project that WORKS!

Now, after thinking of all makes me wonder why Samsung didn't name the phone "Jack"? Why did they have to add the adjective Black to the name? To make things difficult with BlackBerry? Or just to confuse people in thinking they are buying something comparable to Blackberry and steal their potential customers. It's all a marketing deal for the company.

2nd concern is regarding the look. Yes, they do have similarities to me. If you took off all the lettering, could the public determine which is a Blackberry and which is a Samsung? I don't think so. Only your up-to-date phone geeks (including myself) could look at a phone and know who made it, what company provides it, and what it is capable of doing with our EYES CLOSED!

*I don't know if I'm allowed to do this but, here they are side by side*

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