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Default Sprint BB clarifications

I work with Sprint in the INdirect channel operating retail stores. Yes, there are issues with cust care and information being correct. Some clarifications...

You do need the BB email $39.99/mo on a blackberry Device. THis is all about the same from all carriers. THis allows you to use the bb (rim email client) and get web access.

With sprint, make sure they include PAM (phone as modem). It's included free with sprint and allows you to use your EVDO device as phone as modem either using wired tether or bluetooth.

You do not need vision plan with a blackberry!

The info above to provision is good information, do it when you activate unit!

Hopefully this helps.

ps.. I've been in wireless for some time, very extensive in Nextel. the sprint network is great and the evdo blackberries now out are unbelievable! I am confident that Sprint will overcome the CS issues and back end issues and become the company that nextel was. Im frustrated, as well as my employees and customers, but I know it will get there. I'm enduring the pain in the meantime!