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Originally Posted by BMWLotAttendant
I think it is a combination of a 2 things.

First, the name, yes, the name "Black" is the main issue. Why didn't Samsung call it "Yellow, Red, Green, or Blue" Jack? Huh? Is it because the color is Black? Probably, but how many BlackBerries are Black? Or are they Berry colored? And, how many times do companies change the color of the phone to increase sales by different marketing strategies.
Uhh, yeah, I'd say because the phone is black! And, this is not a debate about whether Samsung should be marketing the phone in other colors. The lion's share of all phones/PDA's out there - particularly the PDAs - are either black or silver - BlackBerry or not.

Originally Posted by BMWLotAttendant
2nd concern is regarding the look. Yes, they do have similarities to me. If you took off all the lettering, could the public determine which is a Blackberry and which is a Samsung? I don't think so. Only your up-to-date phone geeks (including myself) could look at a phone and know who made it, what company provides it, and what it is capable of doing with our EYES CLOSED!
Well yeah, they do have similarities. They both have QWERTY keyboards, red/green phone buttons, a central nav keygroup, and a screen. Surprise surprise! So I maintain the only part of the public that would think they were made by the same company are those that would say that about ANY two QWERTY PDA's - and there are certainly other black ones out there that have as many similarities as the BlackJack - so I'd say that argument is a bit of a red herring, but that's just my opinion.

To summarize, I have a pretty strong philosophical opinion that RIM should not be allowed to, in essence, trademark the word "Black" with respect to any phones or PDA's. That's what a victory for RIM would amount to here. I simply don't believe that's right and I agree with the previous poster - I hope RIM loses!
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