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Originally Posted by DallasFlier
Counselor, I'm disappointed, I'd have expected in your profession that you would be a little better at reading for comprehension...
Well, you said RIM is in essence trying to trademark the work 'black' ..... I tried to get the Complaint through my Pacer account, but it has not been posted yet. I think a reading of it will help in understanding the nature of the claims.

You won't find any statements in their papers that implies RIM is in essence trying to trademark the word "black" as such relates to cell phones. I suspect the claims mostly deal with infringing conduct, trade dress, and unfair competition as such relates to all of Samsung's conduct, not just use of the term BlackJack.

As to my comment about it being ridiculous to hope RIM loses, such is my opinion. I think it's absurd for someone who uses RIM products to hope that the Company fails in its efforts to protect the Company and its assets, including the devices you are using. Kinda like a police officer watching the COPS TV show and rooting for the bad guys.