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Originally Posted by SanFrancisco
Well, you said RIM is in essence trying to trademark the work 'black' ..... I tried to get the Complaint through my Pacer account, but it has not been posted yet. I think a reading of it will help in understanding the nature of the claims.

You won't find any statements in their papers that implies RIM is in essence trying to trademark the word "black" as such relates to cell phones.
I don't doubt that in all the legalese of the Complaint that it doesn't use such plain and easy to understand language as to say that they wish to trademark the word "black" with respect to the cell phone/PDA industry. But let me rephrase the question and direct the witness to please answer the question that is asked.

If RIM should win this case, will or will not the direct result be a "de-facto" trademarking of the word "black" with respect to the entire cell phone/PDA/smartphone industry segment - i.e., no phone or PDA vendor will ever be able to use the word "black" in any way in any device name whatsoever?

Your answer, please?

(By the way, there are MANY things involving the legal field and lawyers that, in my opinion, may be both ridiculous and absurd. The difference is, I've taken the high road here and refrained from the name-calling.)
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