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Default BT800 Vs HS850 Vs Jabra 250

I started with the Jabra 250, and after trying the HS850 and the BT800, I'm considering going back to my original Jabra 250!

My handset is a BB 7250
The Jabra 250 produced the best sound quality by far. The only drawback, and it was a major one, was that I didn't like the earjel system. In order for me to hear adequately I had to put the gel into my ear canal. This kept the mic close enough to my jaw to pick up my voice clearly to the caller, and kept the speaker "sealed" in my ear so that I could hear clearly. This was distracting, because now I only had one ear with which to hear the outside world! After maybe 1 week of wearing the Jabra for maybe 4-6 hours a day, the unit starting hanging further from my ear, and it became more and more difficult to keep it pressed against my ear to "seal" the earjel. I never tried the "Locking" eargels, so maybe that's what I need.

I tried the HS850 and it was WAY too noisy in any kind of windy environment. It also picked up too much of the background noise. I own a nightclub, and I really need to find something that can pick up my voice OVER background noise.

I tried the BT800. Loved the idea of its features. I think I may have a bad unit though. It will NOT answer a call when I press the answer button, I have to answer via the handset. The volume is high enough for me to hear clearly, but when I speak I get a significant echo. The echo is present regardless of how charged up the battery is. I will be taking it back tomorrow.

So.. despite the discomfort, and the possibility of having to keep one finger pressed against my Jabra while on the phone (which kind of defeats the purpose), I may go back to the Jabra 250.

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