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Default Help me! I'm not addicted yet! Wheres the crack in my Berry?

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Ok I don't mean to rant so hard,

(I am keeping this device despite my grivences...err ok so I'm keeping the device because it's a present lol)

But I really need help easing into using this device. I converted from a SideKick 3 to the 8700g because I was tired of my side kick breaking all the time and the BB is a more mature device. I'm going through a quarter life crisis so i upgraded =P

Anyways I'm seriously annoyed by how hard it's been to set up things for it to run as well as a sidekick. After several false starts, upgrades, and surfing forums it took me a month (I'm a busy guy!) to finally get Opera and Ramble to work. The programs that came with the BB are severly lacking! It dosen't even show my complete buddy list!

So compared to the side kick:

Side Kick:

Ready out of box
Ease of use
Mp3 player
SD Mini for extended memory.
Chat is so NICE on this phone!
Pretty interface.

Extra programs and ringtones cost $$$
Breaks easily!
I'm tired of ghetto kids having my phone.


Great if your company uses it. (I don't need that though)
Java Programs FREE!
Mp3 ringtones FREE!
Use as modem FREE!


the 8700 looks WAY better than older blackberry's but it aint gonna win any beauty pagents soon.

Set up is buggy for 3rd party software. Some have more luck than others.

Don't have experience with device, I'll let you guys know when I break it. I'm kind of a power user when it comes to devices. I get a little extreme.

Browsing through programs slower than Side Kick

Short cuts, keyboard, and other commands not as intuitive as Side Kick. (it took me a week to figure out how to move the cursor around! alt+click wheel!!! wth?! give me a D-Pad!)

I KNOW there's more to this device than meets the eye. Otherwise it wouldn't be called crack berry! I'm biased from having a sidekick every since it came out as black and white, that's almost 5 years!

Please help me figure out more pros! I wanna feel cool with the BB crowd cause i'm too old for the side kick crowd!