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I hope I'm not the person in that thread either!

There used to be a time when I was able to wow people with it's neat swing out screen form factor but I'm so over it.

Through the years I sold a lot of sidekicks telling people about the device.

It's just that now danger is moving on to trying to cultivate the cool crowd instead of sticking to its roots. The first sidekicker's were there because it was an affordable device that had more connectivity than the average phone.

After my sk3 broke from "water damage" when I KNOW it was a faulty battery connection. (stupid tmobile! thanks for dropping the ball on a 6 year customer!) My friend gave my a 8700 he found. (You'd be supirsed what airport workers find. It's the 2nd one this year!)

I was planning to take myself online for a while and take a break from connectivity but I didn't want his gift to go to waste.

Well, the camera sucked so I never used it and the sk3 didn't take normal sized headphones. I bought a PMP for entertainment needs and I'll be buying a camera soon too.

I have a flip phone I make for calls, and I finally have opera and ramble on my BB. I'm just trying to think of other things I can do with it that'd be neat.

Help me fall in love with the BB folks hehe.