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Originally Posted by smallville20
I have an 8703e from Verizon (almost a month old). It charges to 100% from the wall without issues. It was stressed to me however to do the following to the battery when I purchased:

1. Completely Charge before use.
2. Completely Drain before re-charging.
3. Continually charge when not in use.

Was your battery maintenanced like this from the beginning? Take care!

Yes, but the "complete" charge never made it to 100%. I have noticed that I always reach 100% when I charge from the USB port on my PC, and only reach 95% when charging from the wall.

I've also noticed that when charging is finished (from the USB port) that the LED goes from flashing, to solid green, and when charging from the wall, it goes from flashing to off. Both of these are charging with the BB powered off.

I think my wall charger is bad.

Other than this, the BB appears to be working fine. Would you exchange yours based on this?