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Default Agendus...Where art thou?!!

Originally Posted by lcater
I have tried all the popular software and nothing does what I have always felt is a killer app. I used to use Action Names on the Palm many years ago, which is now called Agendus. Iambic, the maker, has as well introduced YourCall which looks like the functionality of the original Action Names. The beauty of this app was it's ability to sit overtop the resident databases and provide a link between the names and todo list. It had a specific todo type Calls which worked very well. Here's the scenerio:
- you are picking up your voicemails and Ted Smith has called you
- using the app, you set up a new call for Ted Smith
- when it comes time to call Ted (in the event you are picking up more messages), the app automatically pulls in Ted's phone options and dials from there.
- while on the phone with Ted, he may ask for something for you to do or to schedule a meeting. The interface allowed you to do all of this with some easy pen strokes.
The applications today, while are very powerful and well built, do not handle this. The big gap is in the 1) setting up a list of calls and 2) pulling in the phone numbers in the names database.

Has anyone seen anything like this for the bb? I have/tried pocketday, todo matrix, task manager, ijuggle, pocketlists, gtd, todo list.

This is the very reason I don't like my Blackberry as well as my Palm OS devices. Iambic software with desktop versions and ability to sync ALL PIM info and notes, meetings, everything. I have emailed Iambic to see if they are going to bring Agendus to BB and haven't heard back. I actually have worked around the problem for now by using Agendus for Outlook on my desktop and then syncing my BB with Outlook. I get most of the info across but it's a pain in the tush.

Anyone know of anything out there comparable to Agendus with a desktop program? I'll pay $10 to the person who finds me one


Chad H.