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Originally Posted by NRGZ28
Well I don't believe the data only or voice only theory. I have computer in my car and I have it setup so I can listen to a bunch of international radio stations. I drive around for hours listening and it never skips a beat. I get calls, I answer them.. and I talk w/out any interruptions to the data stream... so what does that tell ya ?
I would actually like you to prove that you are on a phone call talking while internet radio is streaming from the internet to your laptop. It's not physically possible. The only way you can do this is with 3G, and the Pearl cannot do 3G. Also, if you can still hear music while you're on the phone that's because the music is buffered on your PC and it's actually playing off of your PC and not the internet. When the call comes in the internet connection goes into 'standby'. Then when you hang up, the internet connection resumes.
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