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Default New charger no help....

Just an update for those who might be interested...

I received a replacement "wall" charger from the Sprint store (new, and same as what is received in the box), and it also only charged the phone to 95%.

I decided for my own sanity, to exchange the device. The brand new device also only charges to 95% from the wall. So I'm going to keep exchanging it until I find one that goes to 100% (Just kidding!!!)

It would appear that this is just normal for this phone, and the phone is far to awsome to abandon due to this minor flaw. If you want 100%, charge through the USB. Otherwise, the "wall" will get you most of the way there.

For my own curiousity, I can't help but to wonder if there REALLY are people out there that get to 100% through the wall on an 8703e from Sprint...

As an interesting aside, Sprint tried to give me an after market charger as a replacement, and claimed it would be even better than the included one. I wanted to see if it would work on the phone first. Using there display models in the store, we hooked it to the 8703e, and it would not show the lightening bolt. When hooked to the 7130e, it did (batteries were not full on both phones). I thought I read somewhere that only the stock charger works on this phone. Anyone know??? Anyone know why?

I would also wonder if anyone thinks (more than a hunch) that the fault lies in the charger, phone hardware, or OS. I'm tempted to hook my old 7250 charger to it, but am afraid to. Anyone know if the 7250 wall charger would be ok to use on the 8703e?

Thanks everyone!!!