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OK, after another few hours of frustration, I finally got the keyboard and the 8700c to work with each other. Here is how it happened. Please note that I have no idea if this will work for other BBs. I have an 8700c. The documentation provided by the manufacturer is incompetently outdated. Anyway, this is how it worked out:

In our last episode, the driver had been installed and the Blackberry 8700c had recognized the device. However, I could not see the icon on the home page screen of the BB, meaning I could not activate and use the keyboard. It finally dawned on me to look in the Applications section, and... voila, there was the Keyboard icon.

Victory! Well, no. Not quite yet. I knew from the confusing PDF manual available online at the Freedom Keyboard site that there should be a code that needed to activated. I clicked on the Keyboard Icon and what appeared to be the registration code procedure appeared on the screen.

Both a "Device Code" and the "Unique" code assigned to the keyboard needed to be entered to complete registration and therefore the activation procedure. The Unique Code was printed on the back of the pamphlet that came with the keyboard. At least I thought it was.

The device code appeared on the screen automatically. This was good, as I had no idea what is was or where to find it. And it being almost a week since I had first contacted the Freedom Keyboard tech support - without any response whatsoever - I would not have known what to do had it not come up. I then filled in the Unique Keyboard Code - the one printed on the back of the pamphlet and... it still did not work!! An error message appeared on the screen that the code was invalid. WHAT?!?!?

This was really upsetting. What could have gone wrong? I used the freakin' code printed on the back page of the pamphlet! I went back to the online PDF manual and there was yet another, diferent procedure concerning these codes that was explained. It made no sense as presented in the PDF manual, but that was par for the course. Now it occurred to me that I possibly had all the pieces to the puzzle if I could just sort them out in the right order.

I entere my name and email address in the "code" menu that appeared, along with the device code that my BB had generated automatically and THEN the code on the back page of the pamphlet. When I submitted this info, the REAL device code was emailed to me. It looked nothing like the code on the back of the pamphlet.

I then went back to the keyboard icon on the Application page of the BB and started the registration/activation procedure that I had previously tried unsuccessfully. Only this time I used, for the device code, the code that had just been emailed me (instead of the code printed on the back page of the pamphlet included with the keyboard.)

BINGO! It took and was accepted, the keyboard was registered and it took only a few minutes to confirm that it had paired and was functioning with my BB.

Wow, what a hassle! I think this may be a very cool product. I also think that the Freedom Keyboard people should be ashamed for having put out the disgraceful "user's manual" that led to more confusion than anything else. Ya know, they are getting a hundred bucks for a device and they should get people through the installation process, not stay silent.

OK, let me work with the keyboard now for a week or so and I promise to get back with a review.