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You might want to change the title of your thread to something more informative and people will respond.

Many Members do not open threads that simply say "jumped in the pool" or "New Pearl" or "Need Help" or "Newbie Here" or "A few Questions" or "Got My Pearl" or "Screwed Up My Pearl" etc.

Plus, when people do search and look at the hits, it does not help when the thread title says nothing about the subject.

Just a tip.

Originally Posted by mmukalian
Well, I got my Pearl on Friday and have been playing with it, and came across a couple issues, and after searching I could not find any resolution here, so I figured I'd ask the questions here.

1. I've a password lock on the phone, so after it goes into standby after some minutes of non-use, you need to enter a password to get back in. Now, the issue revolves around num-lock at this point. If after waking the phone up to enter the password I put the phone into num-lock (# key + up-arrow), I get the num-lock indicator at the upper-right corner, but when pressing a key a letter shows. I have to take the phone out of num-lock, set caps on, type, delete, redo num-lock, then it works. Has anyone come across this besides me?

2. It seems that the phone is always in the non SureType (I forget what it's called) mode, and I've to hold down the * key to get it out of it. Does anyone know of a way to make SureType the default? The other reason for this is when I bring the phone out of standby, the ABC icon is in the upper-right, and doesn't disappear, so it hides the signal strength indicators.

Thanks in advance folks! This thing rocks! Just need to get my big @$$ fingers used to it.