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Originally Posted by chris716
I would recomend downloading verichat for the bots it comes with like 10 bots on your buddy list it is really nice. Or download berry 411 its the best thing ever if you need to find an address or phone number or directions to anything. Also the screen dims when its in different lighting conditions if your in total darkness it will stay on if you out in light it will continue to dim and get bright as differet light hits the screen even if you can notice the difference. About the keyboard it takes a bit to get use to the size I'm writing on mine right now and its working great. What sucks about a mac is you can't change the os of ur berry or a lot of other things I have a mac as well and that frustrates me I have to use a friends pc to do some of the things I need. About the holster same thing was happening to me and then I realized I had it in it wrong you need to have it in the holster where the screen is facing you and not out

lol about the screen facing the wrong way now I feel retard
I will try to find the berry 411 where do I download that from?